Performance Drop Coils

Specifically engineered for the Toyota Tacoma 05+
• Extreme Performance Meets Extreme Style
• Coils give a 1.7″ drop in the front of your Truck by reducing the ride height and increasing the coils rate.
These performance springs were created for the extreme enthusiast—the one who craves a race-car attitude for maximum street performance—with a low drop, but with the exceptional ride quality.
XII Performance springs achieve improved handling by aggressively lowering your trucks center of gravity, using our precision—engineered progressive spring rates.
By radically lowering your Trucks center of gravity, our springs dramatically reduce, body roll in corners and nose-dives under braking. By using our progressive spring design, our springs provide the ultimate balance between high performance, lowered ride height and comfortable ride quality. When combined with today’s wild 18″, 19″, 20″ etc. wheels and tires, the result is a Truck that handles just as white-hot as it looks.

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